It is known as mud to mixture from Water and land . The term has its etymological origin in the Latin word lutum.

Often mud is used as a synonym for mud . However, the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE ) details that the mud is the mass resulting from the combination of water and earth , while regarding mud it clarifies that the concept is used primarily to refer to the mixture resulting from the rain fall on earth .

In colloquial language, however, the use of both notions is indistinct. When the water mixes with the earth, in a first stage a semi-liquid product is obtained. As the weather , the mud hardens and becomes a material that can be used in different ways.

Hardened, mud or mud can be used for building . Whether compacted, such as brick or stacked manually, it is used for creation of walls .

Craftsmen, on the other hand, use the mud to develop vases, vessels and other items . The mud masks , meanwhile, they are popular in cosmetics since they are attributed beneficial properties for skin .

Among the different skin treatments proposed by the market, the one that takes advantage of the volcanic mud , a natural product that offers us beneficial properties for health and beauty. Thanks to its rich content in minerals Like magnesium, silicon and potassium, volcanic mud is very nutritious.

With respect to the form of use there are different possibilities, such as the entire body wrap, compresses, face masks and body baths. Listed below are some of his many properties beneficial for our body:

* since it is a natural antiseptic, its healing powers are very high, something that can be seen in the purification of the skin and in the regeneration of the cells;

* The volcanic mud gives the body an ideal amount of energy to counteract the negative effects of contact with certain electronic devices, which promotes the Balance of our body;

* Oxygenates, tones and cleanses the skin, improving its appearance while its health;

* One treatment per week also guarantees that our body remains free of toxins. This produces a very particular sense of serenity;

* facial masks applied with a certain frequency are suitable to erase certain spots on the skin;

* both masks and wraps produce a remineralizing effect ;

* the mud rejuvenates the skin thanks to the regeneration and oxygenation of the cells, as well as the elimination of dead cells;

* is analgesic and anti-inflammatory;

* if applied in the form of compresses, it can relieve menstrual and kidney pain;

* Its action is very beneficial for people with rosacea, psoriasis and burns of different grades, since it does not irritate the skin.

As we can see in the previous list, the results of the application of volcanic mud are both external and internal. In the first group are those that are most related to the beauty and the physical appearance of the skin, while in the second there are those that maintain their health and promote the balance of the organism.

There are animals that appeal to the mud as protection against the sun's rays, insects and parasites. The pigs and the elephants For example, they usually wallow in the mud to coat their body with this substance.

The fight in the mud , meanwhile, is a confrontation between two opponents fighting in the mud. It can be an erotic show (when those who fight are half naked or naked) or a sports competition.